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Registration is easy. School curriculum includes classes for pre-school thru professionals.
School policies will be reviewed with each new student and a guardian if student is under 18.


REGISTRATION FORM must be filled out each session so the school office has accurate student information.    Changes and or billing information as well as medical information is a must for the school to be informed.

  • New student registration is $70.00.  Returning students pay a $70.00 registration fee after May 31st.
  • Annual registration fee of $70.00 is reduced to $35.00 every subsequent year if paid by May 31st for returning students.
  • The registration fee will not be pro-rated.
  • Registration fee in the New Year is $70.00.   Previously registered students do not pay another registration fee in spring session.
  • Registration for the fall automatically carries a student through spring and summer.  If a student drops and then wants to return, a new $70.00 registration fee will be charged.


  • All tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Tuition paid after the 5th will be charges a $20.00 late fee.
  • Inside the school there is a locked mail box for tuition drop off.
  • Tuition payments should be paid consistantly in the manner of your choosing.
  • Tuition payments split for payment over one student is not accepted.
  • Clients that set up their tuition on a credit card do not risk the late fee except when the card has been charged 2 times and been declined both times.  This too will be charged a $20.00 late fee.
  • Registered student hourly tuition rate is based on a SLIDING SCALE OF TUITION.  Meaning the more classes registered for, the lower the hourly rate.  Non-registered students pay $25.00 per class.
  • A new student TRIAL CLASS / DROP-IN  CLASS RATE fee is $25.00.  If student decides to register, part of the paid $25.00 will be put toward the registration fee.  No refunds on trial class fees.
  • Tuition is charged the first week of the month.  Tuition is due monthly or session.   Class schedule can not be changed during this period with the exception of adding classes.  School office needs to be notified of any and all changes.
  • Tuition is the same each month.  August and June are exception months as they are half tuition months.  This balances out to a perfect 10 month program.
  • Subsequent family members, after the first registered student,  receive $5.00 tuition discount on total monthly tuition.
  • Tuition is not adjusted for absences or holidays as the calendar has been previously figured out.  Each month, of the ten month class session, has been figured to balance out for the student and the school by  years end.
  • A $35.00 fee will be charged for a returned check.
  • Paid tuition can NOT be carried over from one session to another, a Camp, workshop or Master Class and applied to other programs or classes.
  • All tuition paid must me be used for the Camp, Classes, Workshop or Master Class originally intended for.  There are no tuition credits for unused hours in any program.


is a discount of $15.00 per month for unlimited students.  Requirements are; the student must have registered early for fall by May 31st and studied a minimum of four weeks of unlimited classes during the summer and must also be registered for unlimited classes currently.  This is meant to give a financial break to the parents of a serious student who has shown focus, determination and dedication.


Student may use a make-up card for any missed class in an equal or one level lower within 30 days before or after.  The student picks up a make-up card from the office and presents it to the teacher when making up a class.  Three consecutive lessons missed can affect students placement in levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.   This can also affect the students participation in the end of the year school performance.  This will be decided by director and teacher of class and any fees paid are not refunded.


  • Student should arrive 10 – 15 minutes prior to class to dress, stretch and mentally prepare for class.  Students that practice this get more out of their classes and progress faster.
  • A POSITIVE ATTITUDE regardless of a students day can be a terrific place to relax the mind and focus on an art we love to forget our troubles.  Student should not bring outside problems, issues into the classroom.
  • Students should be in class room, stretching and warming up, ready to take class prior to the teacher entering the room.   Exception, when there is a class in the room prior to student’s class, then students wait in hall with the teacher.
  • No jewelry or watches should be worn in class for safety reasons.  Stud earrings are acceptable.
  • SASPA is NOT responsible for the loss of any money, phones or valuables brought into the building.
  • Body language from a student is critical.  Students should never hang on the barre, stand with crossed arms or talk back to the teacher.
  • Proper attire (See Uniform Codes) is required in all classes.  Bring necessities to class  ie;  pointe shoes, small towel for sweat and water bottle if wanted.  The uniform keeps the class in a clean visual environment enabling the teacher to more readily see things to correct and or focus on.
  • Hair should be in a bun for all ballet classes.  All other classes hair must be in a bun or pulled back off the face.  A pony tail hitting the student in the eyes during turns is unacceptable as it forces the student to develop bad habits.  Hair everywhere and everyone looking different is very distracting to what is the focus of the class.
  • Classes are to learn and develop clean technique, accept and understand rules and why they apply
  • Corrections made by the teacher should be considered constructive for each student, not taken personally.  All students in every class should try to apply every correction, whether it was given to them or another student.  This is a good way for each student to keep a check list on their individual development and try to apply everything talked about in class.  Corrections are what the teacher is telling each student so they may better themselves.
  • Fellow student support acknowledges each others accomplishments. (Applause)
  • Gum is not allowed in the school.  Food and drink other than water is only allowed in the kitchen area.  No smoking allowed anywhere.
  • Acknowledgement of every teacher should always be a part of every student’s classroom etiquette.  (Reverance).


If a student is late, the student should wait till they hear the class music stop, then enter, then present themselves to the teacher to ask if they may join class.     Students arriving late are a disruption to the class.  Teachers can tell if a late arrival is just or habitual.  If student is more than 10 minutes late, the student should just do a make-up class another time.  We understand that in most cases it is not the student’s fault.  Most students do not drive and at times there are extenuating circumstances, ie; traffic etc.  However, the most important part of any physical activity is the first twenty minutes.  This is considered warm-up.  Missing warm-up will result in a lack of understanding of how the progression of training works and potentially could result in injury to the student.  This is for the student’s overall training and safety.


Promotions will be made prior to fall classes commencing.  Students who do not take a minimum of four weeks of classes during the summer will not be promoted in the fall.  Most students take more than one year to fully understand, execute and accomplish the curriculum taught in each level.  Students progress at different rates based on focus, number of classes enrolled in, dedication, attendance, body growth and overall focus.  Promotion is not based on age.


These rates are for union members of professional productions ie; regional tours, regional productions, Broadway Shows, Cruise ships, professional dance company’s and teachers / dancers affiliated with a higher institute  of learning.  Payment is due prior to class with the presentation of a union card or of similar sort.

$10.00 for an hour class.               $12.00 for an hour and a half class.                $15.00 for a two hour class.


Student/Parent must come into the school to fill out a withdrawal form before the first of the month as tuition will have been charged and there are no refunds after the first of the month.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION (Dance, Instrumentation or Voice)

Classes are taught in;    1/2 hour = $25.00,     3/4 hour = $35.00,      1 hour = $45.00
Tuition is paid directly  to the teacher.