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Year Round Professional Level Dance Lessons


Ballet is taught using the styles of Russian technique (Vaganova) and Italian (Cecchetti) in order to train a technically clean and concise professional dancer.  (Similar to the California Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet)

Jazz is a cross section of contemporary high energy west coast combined with east coast Broadway.

Tap is taught in a Broadway style with rhythm influence.

Hip Hop is taught in a manner of clean street moves that is age appropriate.  SASPA does not teach Twerking.


School curriculum includes classes for pre-school thru professional.


  • MUSICGARTEN (Ages 2-6)
  • DANCE BASICS (Ages 3, 4, 5, 6) Combination Class
  • CLASSICAL BALLET (10 Levels) (Ages 2-Professional)
  • BOYS CLASS (Levels 1-6, ages 5-Older
  • STRETCH (Levels 3 and older)
  • TURNS & JUMPS (Levels 3 and up)
  • VARIATIONS (Levels 4 and up)
  • PAS DE DEUX / Partnering (Levels 4 and up)
  • CONTEMPORARY / LYRICAL / Lyrical (Levels 3 and up)

  • ADULT BALLET (Ages 15 and older)
  • ACRO-TUMBLING (Levels 1 and Up) (Ages 5 and older)
  • HIP HOP (Levels 1-6) (Ages 5 and older)

  • JAZZ (Levels 1-6) (Ages 5 and older)


  • Levels 1-6) (Ages 5 and older)

  • TAP (Level 1-6) (Ages 5 ad older)

  • FLAMENCO (Spanish) (Levels 1-6) (Ages 6 and older)

  • FOLKLORICO (Mexican) (Levels 1-6) (Ages 5 and up)

  • SCOTTISH HIGHLAND (Levels 1-6 ) (Ages 5 and older)

  • ADULT JAZZ (Levels 1-6) (Ages 15 and older)

  • ACTING Levels (1-4) (Ages 6 and older)
  • BASS / GUITAR (Beg. – Prof.)
  • BRASS INSTRUMENTS (Beg. – Prof.)
  • FLUTE (Beg. – Prof.)
  • OBOE (Beg. – Prof.)
  • PERCUSSION / DRUMS (Beg. – Prof.)
  • PIANO (Beg. – Prof.)
  • VIOLIN (Beg. – Prof.)
  • VOICE (Beg. – Prof.)
  • WOODWINDS (Beg. – Prof.)
  • MUSICAL THEATRE CAMPS OF S.A. Levels 1-6) (Ages 5 and older)
  • ZUMBA (Ages 13 and older)

Note: Children basically start in Dance Basics or letters 1/2/3. Adults / teens basically start in level 3 or 4 or above.
See Class Descriptions & Divisions for a better understanding of what ages are placed in which classes.


Student placement is based on several aspects of a student’s training. Age, maturity, dedication, attendance, willingness to take direction and overall attitude are all a part of the placement decision process. ALL PLACEMENT IS FINAL BY THE DIRECTOR.


SASPA proudly offers private lessons in dance disciplines listed, plus all instrumentation and voice. Taught in half hour, three quarter hour and full hour increments designed to fit the student’s individual needs.