Ballet Lessons

Take Ballet Classes for Adults & Children from SASPA

In our Ballet Dance Classes, students further their training through continued classical ballet technique. The syllabi is based on a cross between the Russian based Vaganova and the Italian based Cecchetti method which in turn develops a strong, technically clean and mature dancer. Students will also be exposed to other styles such as Joffrey Ballet, Bournonville and Royal Academy of Dance influences. In addition students study repertoire, pointe, variations, pas de deux (partnering), flamenco, character dance, jazz dance, lyrical / contemporary, modern, hip-hop and body dynamics. BALLET CLASSES SAN ANTONIO will include Dance related academic lessons include anatomy, injury prevention, nutrition, dance history and the study of great ballets and dancers.


BEGINNER – INTERMEDIATE BALLET DANCE levels A, B and C is a full hour class for young or teen students. Teens and adults generally take adult classes or start at level C.


INTERMEDIATE – PRE POINTE AND POINTE levels 1, 2 are 1.5 or a 2 hour class length respectively. Students may only proceed onto pointe after the director has cleared a student’s training accomplishment as proper and ready for the next challenge. Students must be at least 11 years of age prior to starting pointe. However, students approved by the director, may start pre-pointe at age 10 in flat shoes if so desired.


PRE-PROFESSIONAL BALLET levels 3, 4 and pointe 3, 4 focuses on pre-professionally-oriented students, intensive curriculum requires a high level of motivation. is for ages twelve and older. These classes are 2 hours in length emphasizing more difficult steps and pointe work across the floor for the student. The curriculum in this division is designed to nurture and develop dancers for a pre-professional experience in dance. This level focuses on commitment, artistic integrity, performance quality and technical excellence.


PAS DE DEUX BALLET (Partnering) is for ballet levels 3, 4, 5, 6 by invitation only. It is a full hour of pointe, needed for a professional career. Students may not participate if they have not taken the previous hour class for warm-up. Come see us and take your Ballet Lessons San Antonio at SASPA.


PROFESSIONAL BALLET DANCE DIVISION levels 5, 6 and pointe 5, 6 are for professionals who perform with the Alamo City Dance Company or a member of a performance union. Each season, the ACDC Director chooses a select number of advanced students to study as apprentices with the professional company.