San Antonio School for the Performing Arts (SASPA), has long enjoyed a reputation for providing quality training from classical ballet to orchestral instrumentation, voice and acting.

The staff includes school director Scott M. Conway B.F.A., A.E.A and a contracted faculty of professionals which are degreed and/or have the equivalent professional experience and training.


Scott Conway, your dance class instructor

Scott Conway

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Susan Trevino

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Bede Leyendecker

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Priscilla Martinez

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Daniella Espinoza

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Laura Anglin

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Jacqueline Salame

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Kaihle Sanchez

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Brooke Hood

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Aidee Mata

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Don Nunez

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Ronnie Bayles, your acting class instructor

Ronnie Bayles

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Mike Baez

(Drums, All Percussion)

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Elijah Zehring

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Glynda Marrow BA, MA

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Clint Bingham

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Arkadiy Grinman

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Katie Hall
(Dance Basics, Ballet, Jazz, Tap)
is native to San Antonio and began her tratinging in 1990.   She performed in ACDC’s very first Nutcracker and the subsequent nine years.  She also performed in a Mid-Summer Night’s Dream and as the part of Queen Bee in ACDC’s first production of Lepidoptera.  She was a company member of Alam o City Dance Company from 1998-2000.  Katie was also a dance for A&M University in 2000.  In 2001 Katie was crowned Miss Fiesta San Antonio and was the president and choreographer fo Texas A&M’s Celestial for 2 seasons.  Starting in 2003 she was the Director of Tombstone Texas, a wild west dinner show as part of Christmas Lights In The Park in College Station.   Katie graduated 2004 with BA in English.   She also worked in radio before she started a family.  Katie and her family moved back to San Antonio promptly and got back to SASPA.  Katie loves teaching and performing.

Roxanna Pena
(Classical Ballet, Dance Basics, Jazz, Contemporary, Flamenco)
is a San Antonio native who has made a lifelong pursuit of ballet. Ms. Pena is the ballerina in the Alamo City Dance Company. She has formerly appeared as the Spanish Rose and Spirit in ACDC’s original production of Lepidoptera. She received her early training with Vladimir Marek at the San Antonio Ballet. As a ballet instructor for over fifteen years with SASPA she is dedicated to preserving the art and beauty of ballet for future generations. Ms. Pena is also a member and instructor for Ballet Folklorico De San Antonio which is a flamenco dance company.

Buddy and Susan Trevino
(Advanced Classical Ballet)
Are Co-Developers of the University of the Incarnate Word Dance Department and Co-Directors/Founders of the Joffrey Ballet Workshop in Texas with Robert Joffrey since 1978. They are also the founders of the summer ballet workshop the Elite Ecoil. Mrs. Trevino achieved solo and principal status in a number of quality regional and professional companies including Oklahoma City Civic Ballet, Ballet Arts Company of Denver, Rocky Mountain National Ballet and the Ruth Page International Dance Company. As a professional choreographer, she lists more than 100 original works. Mr. Trevino is a professional teacher with a positive motivational way with students.

Don Nunez
Don Mumez hails from San Benito TX where he studied at Matamoros University of Guadalajara and Bellas Artes Academy in Mexico City He studied at Texas A & I University in Kingsville 1988 receiving a BA and a masters of FA at Texas A&M in 1991. He has performed with Ballet Folklorico de Mexico under artistic director Amelia Hernandez and received a certificate in Ballet Folklorico as a teacher. He has danced also with Royal Winniepeg Ballet Company, New York on Broadway, Hello Dolly, A Chorus Line and Liza Minnelle to name a few. He is a retired school teacher and thoroughly enjoys sharing his experience with up and coming young talent.

Asha Jimenez
(Youth Acro-Tumbling)
Hails from Selma, TX she studied gymnastics at San Antonio Gymnastics School and H.U.G.S. A sweet personality Ms. Jimenez is an exceptional motivator for young aspiring students and future gymnasts. Ms. Jimenez has been teaching at SASPA for three years.

Cristina Sanchez
(Advanced Acro-Tumbling)
Hails from San Antonio where she studied gymnastics at San Antonio Gymnastics School and H.U.G.S. She has competed at invitationals and championships all over the southern United States in bars, floor, beam, vault and tumbling. A vivacious personality Mrs. Sanchez is an exceptional motivator for young aspiring dancers and future gymnasts. Mrs. Sanchez is also trained in first-aid

Catherine Jenkins Weiser
(Dance Basics 5/6, Youth ballet, jazz and Hip Hop)
Is a member of the Alamo City Dance Company who has studied ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, character; and has choreographed award-winning routines. Catherine has trained at SASPA, Dance Plus, The University of Texas at Austin, the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes summer intensive program and Broadway Artists Alliance in New York City. Catherine has been featured as a guest artist for Cirque Dreams Illuminations. Her other performance highlights include performing as a Snowflake, Flower, Mother Ginger, and Merliton in The Nutcracker; and Butterfly and Wind in Lepidoptera. She has also performed in productions of Peter Pan as Capt. Hook, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Veruca Salt (The Brat), and Cinderella as Gus Gus. Catherine is a 2009 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance.

Daniella Espinoza
(Foklorico, Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Tap)
is native of San Antonio.  She trained under Sonya Jimenez (Folklorico), Connally Dance Workshop (Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary).  She has performed with San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet, Groupo Folklorico de Bendiciones, Fandango and Ballet San Antonio.  She loves performing and teaching to develop young aspiring dancers to evvolve  to their next challenges and growth in becomeing accomplished dancers.

Aidee Mata
A vivacious teacher with lots of spunk and energy. Aidee teaches Zumba with a zeal which makes beginners-advanced feel welcome and encouraged.

Brooke Hood
(Visual Arts Teacher)
A San Antonio based artist Brooke Hood makes abstract paintings that have been on display at San Antonio Artist Collective Gallery, Aztec Theater, and South Town Art Gallery.  Mrs. Hood is a graduate of Abilene Christian University with a degree in interior design.  Currently, Mrs. Hood works as an Architecture teacher and children’s book illustrator and maintains collections of her art throughout the city. Her art curriculum teaches technique along with art history.  Her three daughters dance at SASPA and her husband is a teacher, Marine, and has danced in the Alamo City Dance Co’s THE NUTCRACKER several times.

Ronnie Bayles
Originally from San Antonio has recently returned from Los Angeles and Chicago where she earned her BFA in Drama from the Theatre School at DePaul University, formerly the Goodman School of Drama. She has performed in Buried Child, Vinegar Tom, The Crucible and Noises Off to name a few. In addition Ms. Bayles is a makeup artist. Ms. Bayles will be working with our students on trust excercises, monologues, one act plays and improvisation.

Lindsey Hardee
Originally from


Bass, Brass, Cello, Fiddle, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Viola, Violin, Voice & Woodwinds

Arkadiy Grinman
is from the Soviet Union and received his masters degree from Kishenev Conservatory where he specialized in piano performance and piano teachings as well as music theory, choir, conducting, music history and philosophy. Mr. Grinman has resided in San Antonio since 1991. He speaks fluent English and thoroughly enjoys teaching beginning through advanced levels in Piano. He is a choir director at Oak Meadows United Methodist Church and at the Temple Beth-El Synagogue. He is an active performer at private performances and clubs. Mr. Grinman has been with SASPA for twenty years.

Glynda Marrow BA, MA
(Voice, Piano)
A native of Texas, is a long time music teacher and San Antonio Master Singers each for 37 years. In addition Ms. Marrow taught choir at Southwest High School for two years. She has taught private piano and voice for several years. Ms. Marrow earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Music from Howard Payne College and a Masters of Music from the University of Houston.Ms. Marrow has been with SASPA for nine years.

Elijah Zehring
(Guitar, Bass)
Is a musician with over twenty years experience and has played in many diverse venues. Mr. Zehring has studied jazz guitar with Larry Lemasters and classical guitar with Alecia Icauvstein. Mr. Zehring’s influences include jazz, rock, blues, raggae, classical etc. He enjoys teaching theory, composition and performance. Mr. Zehring has been with SASPA for ten years.

Clint Bingham
(Clarinet and Woodwinds)

Mike Baez
(Percussion / Drums)
Mr. Baez has been teaching since 1977 which gives him much experiance on how to teach, not only drums but how to teach individual personality types. He teaches Drum set all styles, Snare drum (rudimental and orchestral), Mallets (marimba and vibes), Latin percussion (congas, timbales and bongos). Mr. Baez has taught at S.A. Christian School, East Central H.S., Clemens H. S., Madison H.S., Kennedy H.S., John Jay H.S., Anson Jones M. S.  r. Baez studied at Texas A&M and with the following instructors after his schooling.

  • Georgie Padilla (World renown latin percussionist)
  • Chris Adams (Co-Author of New Breed I and II)
  • Chuck Silverman (Author of Practical applications using Afro-Caribbean Rhythms),
  • Ed Soph (Instructor at UNT)
  • Richard Wilson (Hand Technique: some of his former students are Vinnie Calaiuta and Dvid Garibaldi )
  • Ralph Hardimon( Santa Clara Vanguard and DCI hall of Fame)
  • Thomas Lang (World renown drum clinician).

Arturo Gonzales
Has studied classical and jazz and is particular about style, dynamics, technicality, and fingering. He has studied under the professorship of Mr. James Warth and Dr. Nancy King-Sanders in both saxophone and bassoon. Participating in the Javelina Marching Band, Arturo served as saxophone section leader for three years and also played a variety of instruments in the symphonic band including the oboe, english horn, and the bassoon. He has played the bassoon and almost all members of the woodwind family for over seven years during summer musicals such as The King and I, Pirates of Penzance and Kiss Me Kate. Arturo has also played in TAMUK Jazz Bands (I and II) and received a prestigious downbeat award in the Big Band College
category. Mr Gonzales has also performed at Texas Music Educator Association conventions and the College Band Directors National association. Mr. Gonzales has been with SASPA for two years.

Cynthia Hudson
(Musikgarten) (Toddlers and “Mom and Me” Music and Movement)
Received her degree in Music Education from the University of Oregon School of Music. Ms. Hudson has completed levels I, II, III as well as her master certificate in ORFF Schulwerk. She’s received certificates in World Drumming Level 1, Piano Pedagogy and Jazz Improvisation from the Levine School of Music in Washington, D.C. With over eighteen years experience teaching Movement and Music classes to children as young as and her certification to teach Musikgarten, Cynthia is growing our Early Childhood Music Program at SASPA.

Ken Turner
(Vocal Music Director)
Has performed at Sea World of Texas and he has vocally directed state awarded choirs at Roosevelt High School, Reagan High School and currently he teaches at Churchill High School. Mr. Turner will once again be teaching our Musical Theatre Camps of San Antonio this summer.

Ken Leach
(Vocal Music Director)
Is a native of Lexington Kentucky. Having worked for Opryland USA for several years Mr. Leach was part of the original creative staff and vocal director for Fiesta Texas. In addition Mr. Leach has worked as Musical Direcotr/Conductor for: Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre, Chicago: Lyric Theatre, New Orleans; Peter Grey Terhune Productions, Cocoa Beach, FL; Columbia Artists, NYC. Mr. Leach has conducted special event orchestra’s for artists’ including: Bob Hope, Vicki Carr, Louise and Barbara Mandrell and Mr. Leach’s personal favorite, Sarrah Cannon, (aka Minnie Pearl!) Mr. Leach has also musically arranged orchesral/vocal scores for several theatre and production companies. Mr. Leach currently teaches music at Walters State College in Morristown/Sevierville, Tennessee.
Ernie Kreth
(Brass Instruments)

Josh Baring


Miranda Colley
(Youth Ballet, Jazz and Tap)
Is a member of the Alamo City Dance Company and is entirely trained by the San Antonio School for the Performing Arts. Her studies include ballet, jazz, tap and modern along with some flamenco and highland. She frequently choreographs for her High School’s theater department including such musicals as Annie and the Sound of Music. She is known for her performances as Dew Drop, Merliton and Flower in The Nutcracker and Taglioni in Pas de Quatre’. She has also performed in Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dracula, Lepidoptera, and Les Sylphides. Miranda has also completed four years of the Joffrey Ballet Workshop, San Antonio. As a teacher, she has a gift for teaching young students through her ability to motivate and challenge them constructively.

Michael Landez
(Youth Ballet, Jazz and tap)
Is a past member of the Alamo City Dance Company. Having received most of his formal training from the San Antonio School for the Performing Arts and as an ongoing student of the Joffrey Ballet Workshop,Texas. Michael shows an attention to detail and potential development and aspirations in choreography.