Guitar & Bass Lessons

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“The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.”
― Ludwig van Beethoven

Guitar and Bass Lessons are available for students ages 7 and older. Emphasis is on theory and composition for the purpose of writing music and performing diverse genres. Students may volunteer to perform twice a year in a recital but it is not required. SASPA has two guitar teachers available for one on one instruction. Take Guitar Lessons with SASPA of San Antonio.

We give individualized lessons in both acoustic and electric guitar, letting you select either of these as your main instrument. We offer you professional faculty for guitar lessons who are specialists in each of these musical instrument. Course work specifically tailored to further your talents and capabilities, and plenty of playing opportunities.

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We understand how your instrument choice fits into today’s world of music, and we pay it the respect it deserves. Electric or acoustic, the guitar is an very manageable and expressive instrument. Guitars are compatible and effective in any musical style. Studying at SASPA offers you all these musical styles. You will enjoy your Guitar Lessons from our talented teachers and pave a way for your future. Whether you just want to play for fun and entertainment or become a professional musician. Have your Guitar Lessons here at SASPA and learn to play the Guitar or Bass.

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Elijah has been a musician for over twenty years. He is very experienced and has played in a great many venues. Mr. Zehring has studied jazz guitar under Larry Lemasters and classical guitar with Alecia Icauvstein. Mr. Zehring’s influences include jazz, rock, blues, raggae, classical etc. He enjoys teaching theory, composition and performance. Mr. Zehring has been with SASPA for six years.
So, don’t wait any longer and take your Guitar Lessons at Saspa today.