San Antonio Piano Lessons

Our Piano Instructors

Arkadiy Grinman
Glynda Marrow
Norma Whisenhunt

Private Lessons are for ages 5 and older; it would be preferred that students be able to read. Emphasis are on classical piano lessons, rooted in the traditions of Western music. We teach both, liturgical and secular piano lessons from the golden ages between Bach and Beethoven. While this is the focus, coursework may also include Broadway and contemporary styles. Piano Lessons include music theory and history. The opportunity to perform is made available through two annual recitals, but they are not mandatory.

Our In-studio lessons offer more than just instructions – you will experience our passion, creativity, and competence when taking Piano lessons at SASPA . You will not only feel the magic of music through Piano Lessons from SASPA; you will treasure your new musical attitude for life!

Learn to play the Piano

Learning how to play keyboards is basic to learning how to play any instrument. The student learns how to read both the treble clef and bass clef notes, how to count rhythms, read key signatures, as well as, how to follow the music symbols. Technique, fingering, and embouchure are instrument specific. Any potential students shouldn’t hesitate to learn how to play the piano; it develops the mind & attention skills, as well as strengthens one’s memory. So, whether you choose to play the piano for a local band, or church worship team; a pianist is always appreciated and the personal benefits are tremendous. Well what are you waiting on? Join us soon to take your Piano Lessons at SASPA.