Violin Lessons San Antonio


At the San Antonio School for the Performing Arts, Music Classes such as Violin Lessons are an important part of our curriculum.

The Violin and Viola are the smallest of the strings instruments, private instructions for both instruments are available for students ages 7 and older.
The bodies of the string instruments, which are hollow inside to allow sound to vibrate within them, are made of different kinds of wood. Though the part of the instrument that makes the sound is the strings. Which are made of nylon, steel or sometimes gut. The strings are played most often by drawing a bow across them.” Early coursework for violin lessons will emphasize positioning, bow hold and placement, scales and arpeggios, rhythm, intonation and shifting. As a student’s skills develop, musicality – the ability to interpret a piece with feeling as opposed to a mechanical repetition of notes, becomes the focus in our Violin Lessons. The opportunity to perform is made available through two annual recitals but they are not mandatory.
Symphony Viva Strings Camp

Olivia Morales

Olivia Morales (Violin)-Loves working with beginning and intermediate students in the discipline of the Suzuki method which she, herself began at the age of five. She has studied violin performance with San Antonio Symphony violinist, Renia Shterenberg and most recently, retired San Francisco Principal Second, Dr. Daniel Kobialka who has also mentored her in pedagogy. In years past, Ms. Morales has played with Youth Orchestra of San Antonio’s top group, Philharmonic, the University of the Incarnate Word’s community orchestra during its Opera Gala and the professional Vivace Trio. She was selected for the Robert McDuffie master class in 2011 and was also active in performing across San Antonio for local arts organization, the Fund during its fund-raising campagnes of 2009-2011. Ms. Morales has enjoyed teaching at SASPA for three years.. So don’t wait too long to take Violin Lessons with us at SASPA.