Woodwinds & Clarinet Lessons

Woodwinds & Clarinet Lessons in San Antonio


There are a good many Instruments under the category of Woodwinds: Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Bagpipes. Join us and take Clarinet, Flute or any other Woodwind Instrument Lessons. Classes in woodwind instruments are for students age seven and older. Coursework will emphasize basic fingering technique and exposure to various types of composition in appropriate method books to best improve playing.The instructor will also work to develop the best practice plan as well as work to diagnoses and correct embouchure, hand position, articulation, posture and proper air support. Students may volunteer to perform twice a year in recitals but participation is not required.

Norma Whisenhunt (Flute) My music career started in the 4th grade with private flute lessons. I remember the teacher laughing at the fact that my pinky finger couldn’t quite reach the last key, but that didn’t stop me. I played the flute through HS Band and into college. I played in the MacArthur HS marching band here in San Antonio, TX. We were #1 in the state! As an educator, I believe the flute provides an excellent introduction to music for any new student. Learning the names of the notes, counting rhythms, developing your breathing, following the dynamics, and building positive practice habits are universal and apply to all instruments. Even if a student wishes to change instruments later on, the foundation that was laid will still prove solid and true. I personally enjoy working with beginning music students of all ages. Laying that foundation and building on it in a way that provides a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment is satisfying to me. Hope to see you in the practice room!

Arturo Gonzales (Woodwinds) Has studied classical and jazz and is particular about style, dynamics, technicality, and fingering. He has studied under the professorship of Mr. James Warth and Dr. Nancy King-Sanders in both saxophone and bassoon. Participating in the Javelina Marching Band, Arturo served as saxophone section leader for three years and also played a variety of instruments in the symphonic band including the oboe, english horn, and the bassoon. He has played the bassoon and almost all members of the woodwind family for over seven years during summer musicals such as The King and I, Pirates of Penzance and Kiss Me Kate. Arturo has also played in TAMUK Jazz Bands (I and II) and received a prestigious downbeat award in the Big Band College category. Mr Gonzales has also performed at Texas Music Educator Association conventions and the College Band Directors National association. Mr. Gonzales has been with SASPA for two years.
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