MUSIKGARTEN is an Early Childhood “Mom and Me” program for child and caregiver, which meets once a week.

Early Childhood Classes

Classes include movement, singing, creating, improvising and playing instruments. Each activity is planned with a purpose to inspire the whole child, at each child’s development and interest level. Classes come complete with take-home CD’s, instruments or manipulatives, and a parent instruction book for at-home reinforcement activites.

Only Musikgarten offers a comprehensive, sequential plan for the musical development
of your child from birth through beginning instrumental music, voice and dance based on neurological, educational research.

Your Musikgarten teacher is a highly-trained professional with classroom and field experience in
early childhood music education and child development.

Musikgarten’s programs are based on meeting the developmental and interest levels of
children as they grow, enhancing the senses and stimulating creativity, which inspires successful learners.

Musikgarten begins with the child, rather than the concept. Musikgarten
nurtures the child into purposeful understandings through their repertoire of songs, story-telling, instruments and music play
activities which become the foundations of dance, music, and vocal concepts.


Musikgarten is introduced at SASPA by offering “Cycle of Seasons” A thirty-three week class, divided into two 15 week semesters: Wind Dancers and Sun Catchers for ages 3-5.

Celebrate your child’s love of nature and growing independence through activities involving the four seasons (45 minute class).

Nurture 3 year olds’ ability to develop language and social skills
Singing, chanting, moving and focused listening games and dramatic play within a musical environment
Exploration of musical instruments, creative movement and story telling
Development of listening, focused attention, imagination, creativity and self expression
Family packets for each season. Each packet includes outstanding CDs, full color cards for listening activities and a parent activity book. Packet is bound within a cloth Musikgarten pouch.


Cynthia Hudson

Cynthia Hudson

Cynthia Hudson received her degree in Music Education from the University of Oregon, School of Music. Ms Hudson has completed Levels I,II,III and masters cerificate in ORFF Schulwerk and has taught classroom music for sixteen years.

Ms Hudson has over thirty years music teaching experience and eighteen years teaching Movement and Music classes to children as young as two. As the only licensed Musikgarten teacher in the area, Ms Hudson is anxious to introduce this wonderfully child-inspired program to San Antonio.

Family Music for Babies (Age 0 mos.-24 mos.)
This class offers parents and grandparents the opportunity to play with their babies in a musical setting, experiencing music and movement activities designed to delight the child and awaken his or her curiosity about music. By singing, dancing, listening, bouncing, playing instruments and rocking, the child’s music aptitude is being carefully nurtured, laying the foundation for beat awareness, vocal production, and aural discrimination. 

Family Music for Toddlers (18 mos.-3 1/2 years)
This class is designed to bring the joy of music and movement to toddlers and their parent or grandparent. Activities include singing, dancing, listening and instrument playing, creating an environment in which the child’s music aptitude is nurtured and skills are developed.  Parents participate and learn how to play musically with their child.

Family Music (0 mos.-4 years)
Family Music is a class for children and their caretakers and siblings to experience the forgotten joys of play party games, discoveries of nature and home life, moving and singing together, in a community of support and encouragement. Expanding the foundation for beat awareness, vocal production, and aural discrimination, families are led in active listening activities and movement with a purpose.

Cycle of Seasons (Ages 3-4 Years)
This year long class in two semesters cultivates the child’s musical development through songs, tonal and rhythm patterns, poetry and stories, movement activities, listening games, instrumental play and manipulative games. Rudimentary music skills such as pitch matching, beat competency, ensemble development and music literacy are dealt with using themes taken from the home and natural environments.  Orff Instruments, xylophones, metalaphones and glockenspiels are introduced into the curriculum.  Parents drop their child off for class and are invited to join us for the last 10 minutes of class time, siblings are welcome.

Musikgarten offers two sequential programs, Music Makers: At Home in the World and Music Makers: Around the World. The program includes singing, creative as well as structured movement, playing instruments and ensemble work, ear training and guided listening. This developmentally sound approach to music literacy builds symbolic thinking, concentration, memory, self expression and symbolizing musical and melodic patterns as well. At the end of this two-year program, your child will have a comprehensive music foundation–an excellent preparation for the next step, Music Makers: At the Keyboard.

Part I: Music Makers: At Home in the World focuses on your child’s fascination with nature and develops a love of instruments. Your child will be introduced to the sounds of orchestral instruments individually, and then in the context of an ensemble. Such a listening foundation will lead to long-term success with music reading in future classes. 

Part II: Music Makers: Around the World will guide your child in exploring the music of the British Isles, Germany, and our own Amerindian and African-American music heritage. Songs, dances, stories, rituals, and customs of these cultures help children understand others around the world.

Music Makers (from age 4)
Our age-appropriate and sequential curriculum is the most comprehensive in the industry. Developed by music and movement pioneers, the Musikgarten sequence introduces children to the joy of music and effectively guides them toward lifelong, active participation in music.

Musikgarten offers instruction which is just right for each age level – from your baby who benefits greatly from being part of a live music environment, right up through school-age children who delight in our group piano classes.

Beginning simply with singing, moving, and exploring rhythm instruments, we add levels of complexity as the children grow, expanding the singing repertoire, teaching more complex dances, and building instrumental ensembles. Children coming through the Musikgarten program inherently “know” the music they eventually play in later years in group piano instruction.

Musikgarten sets the musical springboard for instrumental studies and dance as it inspires children to be completely literate as a musician as well as comfortable in their own skin to move easily with purpose, grace and imagination.

Musikgarten Adults Two 15 Session Semesters/1 hour
The focus of Musikgarten Adult Keyboard Class is on the process of becoming an active music-maker through learning to play the keyboard in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Your instructor will guide the class through enjoyable, accessible and fulfilling music-based activities that unite people of all ages.
Classes will include the following elements:

Playing the piano in multiple keys
Harmonizing Songs on the piano
Keyboard Song Process
Echo Patterns and Aural Recognition Activities
Notation Games Active Listening to Classical and Folk Literature from Diverse Cultures

Contact Cynthia Hudson 210-764-7685 or by email:
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MUSIKGARTEN: Contact Cynthia Hudson by phone: 210-764-7685 or email: for information regarding class placement and registration.