Ballet is a good summer program that can teach your child a lot of things. If you are considering enrolling your child in a summer program like ballet classes, you came to the right place. At SASPA, we offering different summer programs, including classical ballet. In this article, we will be discussing with you the numerous benefits that classical ballet can offer for your child, so continue reading below to learn more.

Ballet is one of the most popular performance arts programs that can be an excellent choice for your child to enroll and train with during their summer vacation. It offers a lot of benefits and they will learn a lot of things in the process.

Here are some of the benefits of classical ballet for your child.

1. Creativity – Classical ballet is considered as performance art. When your child joins classical ballet dance classes, their creativity can be greatly enhanced. Ballet is an excellent outlet for any child who loves to dance and express their emotions through dancing. The dance instructor can train your child to channel certain emotions into the dance. Classical ballet is an art that can help your child express their creativity through the dance routines that they have to execute and perform.

2. Confidence – Young children can develop their self-confidence when they are allowed to join in performance arts. They can gain confidence especially if they get to master new skills and they can have a sense of pride and accomplishment. Kids usually have the eagerness to learn new skills especially those who love to dance and perform; classical ballet is perfect for them.

3. Discipline – There is an inspirational quote that goes, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” by Jim Rohn. Classical ballet is an excellent training ground for children to develop self-discipline while growing up. Having a dance instructor will teach them the lessons and also help develop their discipline and self-control.

If you want your child to grow with discipline, you must allow them to enroll in ballet classes. Positive traits and qualities of a person start while they are young. Success is not a quick and easy process; you must allow your child to learn everything while learning and experiencing ballet. As the training process continues, they will experience a gradual improvement and this will help mold their character traits, including discipline.

4. Dedication – Young children, especially those who are in schooling age, have the drive, motivation, and dedication to succeed in everything that they do. Classical ballet is a great program that can enhance their dedication so they can grow up into a responsible adult that will be driven in their approach to everything that they do.

5. Educational benefits – Classical ballet also offers educational benefits. Ballet training allows students to combine fine movements and express their emotions with music through their performance. With ballet dancing, a child can improve their sensory awareness, as well as cognitive aspects such as attention, learning, and memory. If your child loves to dance and has a passion for the performance arts, they can also use classical ballet as a solid foundation and a crucial starting point so they will excel in other dance forms such as tap, hip-hop, or jazz.

6. Flexibility – Classical ballet can help enhance a child’s flexibility especially when they perform different ballet positions such as arabesque. Ballet can help improve your child’s posture and they can perform stretches which are commonly included in the exercises that can promote safe and healthy flexibility.

Here are some of the exercises in ballet programs that can enhance a child’s flexibility:

Butterfly stretches – This type of exercise improves hip and inner thigh flexibility. Ballet dancers will be instructed to sit on the floor and bend their knees slightly while holding the soles of their feet together.

Pike stretches – This type of exercise improves the flexibility of the hamstrings. The dancers will sit on the floor with their legs closed and straight, and then while the knees are touching the floor, they will need to touch their toes while placing their chests on their thighs.

Straddle stretches – This type of exercise will help your child be successful in performing splits. While seated on the floor they have to separate their legs as far as they can while pointing the feet and keeping the knees straight. The arms must be extended while rotating the ribcage back and forth from right to left.

7. Friendship – In classical ballet classes, your child can develop friendships with their fellow dancers. Children who have been dancing together usually develop relationships that can last for a very long time. Friendships that dancers in ballet classes form are strong because it is enhanced by their teamwork and they share a passion for dancing.

Dance classes like classical ballet are one of the places where your child can meet other kids that share their interest. As they continue attending ballet lessons and learn new skills and positions they will become closer to their classmates and learn to support one another during their training and performances.

8. Grace under pressure – Ballet teaches dancers to be calm and perform with grace even when the routine is tiring and their toes are tired from all the dancing and performing they have done. Classical ballet can teach your child to perform difficult styles and positions with ease.

9. Health & Well-Being – Classical ballet can help your child strengthen their body and keep them fit and healthy. The environment that ballet provides your child can significantly help improve their physical health. Ballet does not only teach a child how to properly dance with grace and elegance, but it also helps improve their well-being.

10. Social skills – Young children tend to be shy around an audience, but if they are enrolled in ballet classes, it can serve as a social outlet for them. They can meet new friends and develop their social skills. This allows for teamwork, proper communication, cooperation, and trust with each other to execute their performance properly. Ballet can also help your child overcome awkwardness or shyness and prevent any fears that are related to being in front of other people and performing in front of a crowd.

11. Mental and emotional well-being – Classical ballet can also help enhance a child’s mental and emotional well-being. When a child is trained in classical ballet, it can help instill a sense of accomplishment which in turn, can boost their self-esteem.

When your child learns new skills and masters challenging movements they will feel self-assured, which can also reflect in the other aspects of their lives. Dance training can be a great way to relieve stress and relax after a busy day at school or use their excess energy productively especially during their summer breaks.

12. Physical benefits – Classical ballet is one of the dance forms that can be physically intense so it will help your child develop muscular strength, improve range of motion, and increase physical stamina. Ballet classes can help improve balance and coordination and it can correct poor alignment.

Classical ballet is one of the dance forms that can be intensive and it can increase the heart rate, therefore, improving their stamina, cardiovascular health, and endurance. Constant ballet dancing can also improve your child’s body awareness.

13. Respect – When your child is enrolled in a classical ballet program, it can help them learn about respect especially with their dance instructors. They will be able to develop discipline and respect for their elders and fellow dancers as well. For example, they will learn to respect each other as they wait for their turn to perform in from of an audience.

14. Self-esteem – Children who are trained in classical ballet can have a better sense of their bodies as they move and perform the dance so that they can become comfortable and their self-esteem will also improve. Dance lessons will help growing children develop a more positive attitude and learn to explore their self-expression. Children who are physically or mentally challenged can benefit by being able to deal with specific emotional issues.

15. Strength – Classical ballet can help your child improve their agility and physical strength. Dancing can help develop a growing child’s muscle strength. Strength training can also help your child learn how to stay fit and exercise their bodies which is a great lifestyle choice that will benefit them in the future.

16. Teamwork – Classical ballet is an art form that fosters teamwork. Your child will learn to work with their fellow dancers and obey their dance instructors during their training. They will be able to master the dance steps and perform the dance routine by working with others. When performing with their fellow dancers, your child will be able to understand and appreciate that great teamwork can affect the success of a performance.

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